Living with an eating disorder/disordered eating, poor body image, or self-esteem issues can leave you feeling disconnected from your true self. Preoccupation with food and body weight, shape, and/or size may have taken control of your life and left you with little energy to socialize, engage in hobbies or interests, or consider your life direction. Even though your behaviours bring pain into your life, denying or expressing your wants, needs, and desires through restricting, binging, purging and/or over exercise may feel like the only tool you have to cope with overwhelming emotions. As if managing these behaviours is not challenging enough, you also navigate life through the critical lens of not enough and unworthiness, pushing you into a cycle of comparison, all-or-nothing thinking, and perfectionism. Those close to you may be confused by your behaviours and thoughts, making you feel unseen, unheard, and alone.

My name is Martina, and I am inspired to walk along side those looking to work on getting unstuck from mind-body disconnection. Even though it may feel like everyone but you can heal from this, I genuinely believe that by extending our capacity for self-compassion and self-awareness, we also extend our capacity for growth and healing. There is hope for you to trust and support your body again and for your body to trust and support you. I have dedicated my work to creating a space for people like you to get the help you deserve, help that is driven by compassion, authenticity, and human connection. Let’s begin your journey today!