Beginning therapy can bring layers of conflicting feelings. One part of you might be eager to get started after a long time of feeling stuck, hopeful for relief and growth, or ready to dive deep into all your stuff. Another part of you might be feeling hesitant to let go of behaviours that feel comforting, exhausted from all the past attempts at change you have made, or held back by the belief that everyone else can heal, but you. To put it simply, making the choice to start therapy can feel complicated and knowing what to expect can sometimes allow that decision to be a little easier. 

We will begin your journey by having a brief in-person or phone consultation so that you get the opportunity to see if you vibe with me and I get the opportunity to see if I would be the best therapist for you. If we collaboratively decide to work together, our first few sessions will focus on gathering a deeper awareness and understanding of the fears, worries, and concerns you would like to move away from and the wants, needs, and desires you would like to move towards. When we struggle with disordered eating and a critical mind, setting goals to achieve can feel scary and unmanageable. This is why we will build intentions for change, meaning we will let go of judgment and create space for curiosity and connection by asking the question of, what does this behaviour/emotion/action bring me? I have found that working through therapy in this way allows us to get distance from our perfectionistic and critical beliefs to recognize the beauty in the journey, not just the destination.   

As we continue to work together we will create space for processing, exploring, and gaining insight into your emotional, behavioural and body-felt sensations and experiences and how they are impacting you in the here and now. I also know the value of building up your toolbox of skills, so we will also put effort into learning and experimenting with practical strategies for change. Sessions usually run for 60 minutes and could involve exploring what has been rising to the top of your present awareness or patterns of behaviour and emotion that are ongoing. During session you can expect to feel validated and heard, and have the space to chat about the things that are important to you, after all, you are the expert on you! 


Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating

Body Image

Self-Esteem Building

Problematic Perfectionism

Over Exercise

Trauma Processing



Shame Reduction

Core Beliefs


Exploration of Self and Life Meaning/ Purpose/ Direction

College-Age and Young Professional Challenges




Online counselling is available for those who are located within Ontario and live outside of the Niagara area or have difficulty transporting to the office for in-person appointments. Please note that this option is not suitable for all clients. If online counselling is of interest to you, please contact me.



Individual sessions are $120 per 60 minutes. Payment is due at the end of each session. I accept cash, cheque, e-transfer, and all major credit cards as methods of payment.


Psychotherapy services are not covered by OHIP. Please note that health insurance and extended health care plans may fully or partially cover session fees. Please contact your provider to verify if your plan covers my particular qualifications and services. Please note that I currently do not provide third party billing, any reimbursement to you would need to be negotiated between you and your insurance company and you will be responsible for the whole session fee at the time of services.


Please provide 24 hours notice to cancel a session. Please use the online scheduling system or e- mail to cancel sessions within this time frame. If you miss an appointment, or do not provide 24 hours, you may be charged for the missed appointment. If we can reschedule a cancelled appointment within the same week, you will not be charged for the missed session.